Five fact sheets about biodiversity measures in managed forests

Five fact sheets about biodiversity measures in managed forests

In spring 2023, two two-day field courses on biodiversity in managed forests took place in Denmark. Five fact sheets were developed as science-based and practical course materiel aimed at forest managers and forest owners. The courses were organized by Copenhagen University, Center for Marcroecology, Evolution and Climate. The fact sheets are now available in English.

The five fact sheets have a practical approach focusing on where, what, how and when for 3-5 specific measures for each of the five topics covered. The series is based on the publication ‘Managing biodiversity in managed forest’ (“Forvaltning af biodiversitet i dyrket skov“) from 2020.

The Danish Environmental Protection Agency has financially supported the project.

The fact sheets are developed by Jacob Heilmann-Clausen, Louise Imer Nabe-Nielsen and Martin Schier Christiansen with contributions from David Bille Byriel and Mathias Just Justesen, the latter from the Department of Geosciences and Natural Resource Management Copenhagen University.

Download the fact sheets in English as PDF here:

Fact sheet 1 – Planning and prioritization

Fact sheet 2 – Afforestation and regeneration

Fact sheet 3 – Dead wood and veteran trees

Fact sheet 4 – Wetlands

Fact sheet 5 – Glades, forest meadows, and transition zones