Demo sites


Integrate Network connects more than 100 practical demonstration sites across Europe (an up-to-date list can be found here). These so-called Marteloscope sites allow for versatile training applications and are thus not only of interest for forest practitioners of varying experience levels, but also for stakeholders from nature conservation associations, environmental organisations, educational institutions (e.g. universities, forest and agriculture schools), schools and society at large.

Virtual tree selections can be performed with the help of a tailored software running on hand held devices. Such exercises and their results can then help visualise complex decision-making processes while supporting a better understanding of forest management between conflicting interests for the provision of ecosystem services, such as wood production, biodiversity conservation, carbon sequestration, recreation or the protection against natural hazards.

Watch the following video for a glimpse into one of our sites

Related networks

Irregular Silvicultural Network (from the French Association Futaie Irrégulière – AFI) supports and encourage the expansion of the AFI Research Network. Find more information here.

I+ Software

Our Marteloscopes run on the I+ Software. You can access the documentation as well as contact details for each site, FAQ and exercises on the I+ Software website. It hosts the latest version of the software with explanations on how to install and use it.