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What is Integrative Forest Management?

Integrative forest management means combining the provision of several ecosystem services in one forest landscape. The Integrate Network focuses on one critical dimension of this integration: how to align biodiversity conservation and sustainable wood production.

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You came to the right place! On this page, you can watch the following movie, or click on the links below to get access to the book on integrative forest management and the catalogue of tree microhabitats in different languages.

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Integrative approaches as an opportunity for the conservation of forest biodiversity

Integrative forest management aims to maximise the cross-section between the different main functions of modern forestry: production, protection and conservation. The area of synergy, however, is limited and a certain amount of exclusive area is needed to guarantee different ecosystem functions. This book contains a compilation of the results of the research project Integrate. Based on the contributions from more than seventy renowned scientists in this field, Integrate has attempted to make available the most recent knowledge and the best international scientific expertise on the complex relationships, trade-offs and emerging challenges regarding the integration of forest biodiversity conservation into forest management.

Available in EN, DE, and FR

Catalogue of tree microhabitats

The catalogue offers an accessible typology for identifying small and valuable structures for biodiversity. It was developed by experts and serves as a field guide. The vast array of existing tree microhabitats is subdivided into a few concise categories of saproxylic (cavities, injuries and wounds, bark, deadwood) and epixylic (deformations, epiphytes, nests) structures that can serve as shelter or home for different flora and fauna.

Available in CS, DA, DE, EN, ES, FA, FI, FR, HU, IT, MK, NL, PT, RO, SL, TR, UK.

Integrate Triangle

In this new flyer we include the Integrate Triangle that associates the three fundamental pillars on which we base our collaborative work between research, practice, and policy-making.

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