Scientific papers

Larsen, B. et al. (work in progress). European forests: Closer to nature and closer to people. How to integrate biodiversity conservation in managed forests and how to integrate people by facilitating participation?

Keywords participation, forest management, biodiversity

Konczal, A., Derks, J., H.C. de Koning, J., Winkel, G. (2020). Perceived drivers of nature conservation measures in European forest management. Exploratory study in 9 European countries

Keyworks integrated forest management, driving factors, nature conservation, forest management, Europe

H.C. de Koning, J., Lindner, M. (2020). Policy and practice review of compatibility and suitability of climate change adaptation and integrated forest management measures in Europe.

Keywords climate change, policy, forest management

Blicharska, M. et al. (2020). Between biodiversity conservation and sustainable forest management – A multidisciplinary assessment of the emblematic Białowieża Forest case.

Keywords Białowieża Forest, biodiversity conservation, forest management, interdisciplinarity, conservation conflict, land use conflict, sustainable land use

Aggestam, F., Konczal, A., Sotirov, M., Wallin, I., Paillet, Y., Spinelli, R., Lindner, M., Derks, J., Hanewinkel, M., Winkel, G. (2020). Can nature conservation and wood production be reconciled in managed forests? A review of driving factors for integrated forest management in Europe

Keywords integrated forest management, driving factors, nature conservation, land sharing and sparing, forestry, harvesting



The Integrate Network recently published an illustrative booklet supported by the German Federal Ministry of Food and Agriculture with information on forests, forest management and biodiversity conservation in different member countries, including major challenges for biodiversity and potential solutions, success stories, relevant initiatives and an outlook for the future.


The documentary “Wise use of our forest: the integrative approach” is also available in different languages.