Latest Past Events

8th Annual Meeting of the European Integrate Network

SG Política Forestal y Lucha contra la Desertificación Headquarters Gran Vía de San Francisco 4, Madrid

Momentum and purpose The Spanish Chair is inviting members of the Integrate Network to Madrid for the 8th Annual Meeting Integrate Network on the verge of self-sustainability We will become aware of and reflect on the new structure and funding scheme of the network. Welcoming Mediterranean forests biodiversity A significant part of the meeting will...

Sharing experiences on the use of marteloscopes for training, education and research

Wissenschaftszentrum Bonn Ahrstraße 45, Bonn

European Forest Institute in cooperation with the European Integrate Network is organising a workshop which brings together demonstration site managers and other engaged actors to exchange experiences on utilising marteloscopes for training, education, communication and for research. The workshop will cover the following themes to which we will ask participants to actively contribute: • Sharing...

Are climate change adaptation, mitigation and biodiversity conservation in European forests two sides of the same coin?


With this virtual event, we follow up on our webinar on the EU Forest Strategy held on 22 September 2021, where we discussed the pathways for action for strengthening the important role of forests in achieving Europe’s biodiversity, ecosystem services, and climate change targets. Questions to be addressed in this webinar are: How are climate change adaptation and...